Law Offices of Anne Frassetto Olsen

BUSINESS LITIGATION An unfortunate fact of doing business is that disputes will arise, regardless of how diligent one is in the drafting or performance of contracts.  When a construction project is ongoing, a problem in any one area can slow down or halt progress on the entire project.  In the industry, every day spent resolving a problem is money out of the pockets of practically every party involved in the project.

As an attorney, Ms. Olsen understands the importance of protecting her clients' legal rights and she understands the value of a solution that achieves the optimum cost-benefit result in any particular situation.  Ms.  Olsen aims to solve problems, not create them, and to do so in an aggressive yet ethical manner.  Her business litigation practice includes many of the issues typically encountered in the construction industry.  The following list is illustrative of the types of business matters in which Ms. Olsen has experience: 

Scope of Work

Stop Notices

Mechanic's Liens

Payment and Performance Bonds

Bid Protests

Contract Disputes

Agricultural Business Law

Unlawful Detainers

Common Interest Developments

Lease and Agreement Review

A business involved in a lawsuit faces significant disruptions and sometimes devastating financial consequences.  Ms. Olsen provides proactive and preventative legal counseling, devoting a significant part of her legal practice to helping clients achieve positive results while anticipating and reducing potential risks that can be common in the business setting.

INVESTIGATIONSMs. Olsen has been retained by various private companies and public agencies needing the services of a third-party to investigate personnel and other internal issues, interviewing those involved and preparing in-depth investigative reports.

MANAGEMENT-SIDE LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT:  Ms. Olsen understands that the employee-employer relationship is key to the success of every business.  However,  every business is different with its own unique labor and employment issues.  It takes more than legal acumen to help clients alleviate these concerns.  It also takes a comprehensive view of the client's industry and operations.  Ms. Olsen addresses her clients' labor and employment issues in the broader context of their business operations.  By knowing her clients' businesses and sharing in their strategic visions and values, she works collaboratively to help them achieve solutions that appropriately manage their legal risks.  

Ms. Olsen offers guidance to her clients in negotiating and drafting executive compensation agreements, employment contracts, trade secret and confidentiality agreements and substance abuse policies.  She also counsels clients in all aspects of employment and labor relations and policy development to assure compliance with the myriad federal and state laws regulating the employment arena.  She assists clients with issues relating to workplace violence, whistleblower litigation, employee privacy issues and claims of negligent hiring and retention.

Ms. Olsen possesses the insight necessary to advise employers on the steps needed to avoid litigation.  Her goal is always to focus on helping clients run their businesses in a way that keeps them out of court.  Through comprehensive preventative problem and compliance counseling, Ms. Olsen helps employers resolve issues before they escalate to what could become unmanageable proportions. 
That being said, when a trial is the best option, she has the experience and skill to be an assertive and persuasive advocate.

The following list is illustrative of the types of  management-side labor and employment issues that Ms. Olsen has experience handling:

State and Federal Wage and Hour Disputes (California Labor Commissioner and U.S. Department of Labor  )
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

California Family Rights Act (CFRA) and Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL)

Americans with Disabilities Act
Wrongful termination
Harassment/Sexual Harassment/Discrimination Claims before the Federal EEOC and the California DFEH
NLRB Hearings
ALRB Hearings
PERB Hearings
Skelly Hearings
Labor Negotiations
Grievance and Arbitration Proceedings
Workplace Violence Restraining Orders
Employee Handbooks
Employment Agreements

Workforce Reductions and Plant Closures

WARN Act Issues

Wage Issues, Including Safe Harbor Calculations for Non-Productive Time and Unpaid Rest Periods